With self-discipline and consistency, fitness goals are achievable.

Desserts have always been my weakness. This wasn't a problem growing up because I was as thin as a rail. In my teens, however, I began to gain weight around my waist, and when I graduated to a larger size, I was determined to do something about it.

Someone suggested working out as a way to maintain my weight, so I began going to the gym. I found I enjoyed working out. I had more energy, I looked better, and I noticed if I missed workouts, my mood was affected. More importantly, I saw the impact working out had on my attention deficit disorder, which I'd been diagnosed with in grade school. My concentration improved, my self-confidence increased, and my self image improved.

All these positive changes led me to fitness research, and I began following the work of fitness gurus such as Rachel McLish and Cory Everson. I changed my eating habits and worked out with several trainers. In 2004 I began entering fitness competitions.  From 2005 to 2012, I always placed in the top three in the figure category, winning First Place twice.  My passion for fitness grew, and I left my advertising job to pursue my dream to become a personal trainer.

As a personal fitness trainer, I enjoy creating workouts based on my client’s individual needs, emphasizing the role of nutrition and exercise to achieve  maximum benefits. Just as important as nutrition and exercise is the mind-body connection. Thoughts are powerful, and limiting beliefs will interfere with goal achievement. As long as you believe the impossible is possible, you will succeed.

I enjoy motivating and encouraging my clients to reach their  goals. I enjoy watching their body change, and their strength and confidence increase. Making a difference, doing what I love, and sharing my passion is the ultimate high.


What People Are Saying About Tiara


"When I look back 5 1/2 months ago when I firs started working out with Tiara, I almost don't recognize myself! For the first time in my life, I have actual definition in my arms, back and legs. Shopping now is so much fun! Buying jeans that are 3 times smaller, tops that are a size small, size 2 Lululemon leggings, and being excited to try on bathing suits is a whole new world for me!  ~ Katie B. 2/7/2017


"Tiara is an amazing trainer. she helped me believe in myself again and has helped me reach goals I never thought I would reach. This is the best I have felt and looked in the last 17 years. I've lost 17 pounds in the last year of training with Tiara. When I would tell her I couldn't do it, she said I could. She takes no excuses and believes in you and pushed you even harder! I am stronger than I have ever been. every week I look forward to seeing my body change even more. I am so lucky to have such an experienced and motivating trainer like Tiara." ~ Sheila P. 3/17/2017


"This trainer is the real deal! You bwill immediately see results and she really listens to her clients' needs. She's motivated, dedicted, and she's such a sweet person. I wish I had found her a long time ago! I highly recommend her to anyone!" ~ Laura H. 10/27/2016


"Tiara knows women's bodies, plain and simple. She will be careful with you but also knows when your body needs to be challenged and minces NO words about how working out is still only 20% of the equation when you want to reduce in size and get healthier (proper food intake is crucial!). I am one of Tiara's older clients (60+), and have been training with her since March 2016.  With me it's not as much about the number I see on the scale, but more about balance, flexibility and toning (oh, and I also REFUSE to give up my high-heeled pumps), so it's a lot of little things that matter. Tiara is the best personal trainer I've ever had, and I look forward to growing old being challenged by her!" ~ Dena K. 09/17/2017


"I am a little shy when it comes to working out in front of people. I was stuck in a cycle of wanting to lose weight before I started working out in public, but the weight wasn't coming off. I have now been consistently working out with Tiara for the past four weeks, and have lost 8 lbs.!! One size down in clothing, I feel physically and mentally so much better. Tiara keeps me focused and determined to keep coming back, eating healthy, and believing in myself. She is gifted in what she does and I always feel very comfortable working out with her. I have 20n more pounds to go and I have no doubt Tiara will help me reach my goal." ~ carla P. 2/10/2016


" Tiara is a very educated and talented fitness trainer. She is calculated with her workouts and customizes them to fit your personal goals. She keeps you on track and goes above and beyond to ensure you are getting the support you need. I have been training with her for several months and have never felt better!  I am truly reaching my goals and feeling a full body transformation. She has also guided me through different eating programs that have changed the way I eat and prepare foods. She genuinely wants to see you succeed, which in turn makes you work harder at each workout! I'm becoming stronger by the month and I'm so grateful she is with me on my fitness journey.' ~ Barb B. 11/8/2016


"Tiara is amazing and if you do the work, plain and simple, you will get results. Always positive and motivating. Make the call and change your life-- you won't regret it!" ~ Reanna L. 8/23/17